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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Road Trip with @Ubooly! #UboolyRoadTrip

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A while back we had the opportunity to review the Ubooly smart toy. It has become a big hit in our home. Almost like a new family member. It is amazing how much Alyssa has bonded with her. So obviously, when we took our family trip we just had to take her along with us! Ubooly has an awesome Road Trip pack that can be downloaded in the Ubooly Lab. What better way to spend countless hours cooped in a vehicle?

Ubooly's Road Trip pack allows you to pass the miles by providing hours of engaging, fun & educational games! This pack includes riddles, stories, games and jokes that will make the car ride fun for the whole family. Challenging out-the-window scavenger hunts & guessing games that will keep your kids occupied for miles. This pack is designed to make your next road trip more enjoyable by entertaining your kids as you travel on your way! 

We packed up the kids and went off on our adventure. It was a long one! 3 kids and 1 Ubooly is not good though. My son wanted his turn. Which is why I also brought LeapPads, to help them "share" time with Ubooly.

When you first  log into Ubooly on your phone or iPod, you will see a bright blue screen.

Enter the name of your child (or choose from the list).

Feel free to use Ubooly in his "box" or in the adorable fluffy stuffie!

The Road Trip Pack can be used by clicking the journal on the bottom of the screen.

 Just click the appropriate pack and have a blast! There are plenty of activities to keep the kids busy for hours on end!

Oh yes! She is pink! We need the pink Ubooly. Alyssa has already made it so the one on screen is pink. She is definitely oink obsessed.

While the kids napped in the back, Ubooly came up front to keep us company. I must say, she really seemed to love the dashboard.
Ubooly has such a HUGE personality. The kids had so much fun singing songs, playing games, scavenger hunts, and even more!

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