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Friday, May 31, 2013

Real Kids Shades Review & Giveaway 6/1-6/10

Real Kids Shades Review & Giveaway

Hosted by: So Sew Mama

When Real Kids Shades emailed me to ask that I do a review and giveaway for their awesome shades, I just could not refuse. What kid doesn't love sunglasses? I know that mine do, minus the little lady of course. But it's baby thing. We were sent three pairs of kids shades, one for each kiddo.

I have a serious squinting problem. Bad eyes due to years of sun exposure. I remember the game where you look up at the sun. Yeah, not good when you are older. Hopefully my kids are not as dumb. So now I have to wear them year-round. My kids use them as soon as the warmer weather arrives. Although I realize that it probably would be best for them to even in the winter months.

The “shatterproof, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses” are a must for kids. I know that I have smashed or crushed several glasses in my day. Actually just last week I broke a pair by simply dropping them. Cheap is only good is they last. That was a fail. My $4 sunglasses broke by just falling on carpet.

Sadly, these glasses stood the ultimate test with my kids. If it CAN be broken, my kids will break it. That is just what they did. Some how.

How did this happen? Well the lens fell out, not really sure how that happened. And someone crushed it. I have no words. This was just yesterday while in the yard playing. My poor 4 year old is glass-less now. But hey, they didn't nap in half. Oh well.

The Real Kids Shades’ frames are so ultra-flexible that you can literally take them by the stems and twist them from side to side.
Real Kids Shades protect your child’s eyes from both UVA and UVB rays – and are tested by a third party to ensure they block 100 per cent of harmful rays. Read more about the science behind why it’s imperative to invest in good-quality sunglasses for your kids.
They were having a great time at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI. It was a great time to try out their new shades.

The Features:

  • Third-party verification of 100% 
  • UV-A/UV-B protection 
  • Shatterproof and impact-resistant 
  • polycarbonate lenses 
  • Wrap-around frames to protect from peripheral light 
  • A comfortable fit – not too tight, not too loose 
  • Transparent enough to see your child’s eyes 
  • Tested to contain no lead, bisphenol A or phthalates 
  • A strong warranty – high quality
  • manufacturers stand behind their sunglasses with significant replacement guarantees
Even though we had an accident with a pair, we still love Real Kids Shades and they are a great investment. They shouldn't break either. It does happen though. Kids will be kids. I am sure my son had something to do with that too. You should feel confident that your children's eyes are well protected. It is a great buy.

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6/1 - 6/10