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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Build-A-Bear Pink Hearts Hello Kitty Review #ad

A complimentary product was received to facilitate a post for Build-A-Bear. All thoughts are my own.

Build-A-Bear Pink Hearts Hello Kitty

Build-A-Bear Workshop is an excellent place to bring your child for one on one time. My daughter and I enjoy going there on our mommy and me dates.  If you enjoy stuffed animals and all the joy that a new friend can bring, then Build-A-Bear is perfect for you. My children love going to the Workshop and seeing the wide variety of friends that they can help bring to life. The hardest part is always choosing what one to take home.

I wanted to surprise my oldest daughter with a stuffy she has wanted for a while. A PINK Hello Kitty. The Pink Hearts Hello Kitty is perfect for Valentines day too. Sure, she did get her early, but I knew that it would be important to share prior to the holiday. Plus, she didn't mind that at all. Once she opened up the adorable box and saw what was inside, she screamed. Quite literally actually. The sound of Hello Kitty was ringing in my ears.

She didn't have the chance to stuff her Hello Kitty herself, but I assured her that it was taken care of by the best people at Build-A-Bear.

Princess Twilight Sparkle is also from Build-A-Bear.

The Pink Hearts Hello Kitty is available separate from it's accessories for just $23.00. The optional Pink Party Dress is $10.50.

What girl doesn't want a pair of sequin flats? You can also get those at Build-A-Bear for $7.50.

My daughter loves her new friend, and we will always pick Build-A-Bear for our "mommy" time.  With three children, it's not always easy to spend equal amount of time. Especially since she is in school. I am so glad that we have something that we can both enjoy doing. That also isn't too time consuming.

Hello Kitty not your thing? Don't worry. Don't forget about their other great Stuffed friends for Valentines day!

You can connect with Build-A-Bear for special discounts and coupons too!

So Sew Mama receives products for review purposes. We were sent the Pink Hearts Hello Kitty and accessories to facilitate this review post. All thoughts are my own. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Curly Hair Solutions RevUp! Review #sponsored

Disclosure: I received this product as part of an advertorial.

Curly Hair Solutions RevUp! Review

Recently I was asked what my favorite all time girly thing is. The answer to that one is simple. My hair. I have always been obsessed with my hair. From dying it to straightening it. I am in love with hair. That is why I was excited that Curly Hair Solutions sent me their RevUp! Volumizing System to review. As a disclaimer, I don't always have curly hair. My hair isn't all that curly any more. I guess if you spent years and years exposing your hair to chemicals and heat, you would have that problem too. In any case, I just have to say how much I love it! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

January 2014 Wantable Box Review

A complimentary product was received to facilitate this post. This post contains referral links. :-)

January Wantable Box

YAY for subscription boxes! It's like a little surprise every month. The perfect Pick me up when you are feeling blue. I know that I need that every now and then. I am new to Wantable so I did some research on what they supply in their boxes. Wantable offers 4 to 5 full-sized premium makeup products, hand-picked to perfectly match your likes and dislikes. They also offer an intimates and jewelry box, also customizable.  Wantable also allows you to return the box if you aren’t happy with it. This is a huge plus. Since most others do not give you that option. This post is a bit heavy on pictures. But for great reason. Keep scrolling to see why.

As an added bonus, Wantable does indeed qualify for Ebates! You can use my referral link to sign up if you like. Right now you can receive 10% cash back when you go through Ebates to purchase. Plus, receive ebates cash or a gift card with your first purchase. Hurray for savings! That is an incredible deal.

What is it: Wantable Makeup box (Referral link ;-))
The Cost: $36 a month for subscription, or $40 one time purchase.
The Products: Michael Marcus Prime Foundation Brush ($20), Mistura Beauty 6-in-1 compact ($37), Golden Rose Sexy Black Mascara ($12.99), Starlooks shadow in matte sand ($12), treat & Tint Light Honey Sample.

Total box value: $81.99!

Oh, go on. Seriously, go on. Flattery will get you every where!

How it works: After choosing the subscription, you will be asked several questions to get an idea of what you love and do not love. Answer each as they describe you. You have the option of choosing a monthly box, or just pay a one time fee. The monthly subscription is a few bucks less. Plus, you CAN cancel it. Open up your brand new beauty box and enjoy full sized products.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Potty Training with Potty Patrol - Review

I received the products in this post to facilitate this review. All views are my own.

Potty Training is no laughing matter. Seriously, I hate it. My son refused to use the potty. To even sit on it. We tried everything. Even the "pee on cheerios" game everyone said worked. Not even close. So, I chose to retreat and give in to the diapers. I can't force the kid. That's when I decided to look up different methods and found these pretty awesome alarm diapers from Potty Patrol. Yes! There is such a thing. Controversial as it may sound, it is worth a shot for children whom insist on not using the potty. My son is four. Just so you all know. I am not trying to potty train against his time clock. He needs it. I need it. I just want less diapers.

The Potty Patrol Starter Kit is everything you need to begin potty training your little one.
The Starter kit includes;

  •  Alarm, with batteries.
  • 24 sensor diapers
  • a training guide 
  • Girl or boy versions are available in one standard size.
Before Potty Training it is ideal to make sure your toddler is ready.Use these helpful tips.


Children between 2 and 3 years old are usually physically and emotionally mature enough to begin potty training. 
A few key indicators are: 
+ Child is able to stay dry for several hours. 
+ Child notices when diapers need to be changed. 
+ Child has learned some potty lingo (yours or theirs). 
+ Child follows simple instructions.
Once the Potty Patrol system senses wetness, the alarm alerts parent and child so you can place your child on the toilet to finish. Placing your child on the toilet immediately will help them link cause and effect more quickly and effectively and achieve greater potty training success.  All you have to do is place the Potty Patrol sensor diaper on your child, making sure the snaps are on the front. Then you snap the sensor onto the front of the diaper. Once it’s snapped on, the sensor is automatically activated.

Potty Patrol Starter Kits cost $29.99 and refills are $19.99. I did potty train my oldest child in a week. Keep that in mind when purchasing. All children take their own time in potty training. Ask my son. He will tell you.

My son started taking the alarm off every time I put it on. Since I didn't want to fight it, I did stop using them for a few weeks. In hopes that he would forget. That did work for us. It's something to keep in mind if you have this problem. I do believe that these alarm diapers work. But it isn't an overnight thing.

It is best to stay home during the duration of using Potty Patrol Diaper systems. Since you must bring them as fast as you can to the potty. Not ideal for grocery runs. The diaper isn't all that easy to remove for the child. Which can be a good thing. But You do have to assist your child. I would love to see a pull up version in a couple different sizes.

The Cons:
The alarm is pretty quiet. That can be both a pro, and a con. But for argument sake lets just say that it's a con since I would have to follow my son all day to be able to hear it. He doesn't always tell me. I found that one out quickly. My son also developed an obsession with the sensor and would pull it off after a week of using. He did successfully go to the potty daily and after the music would play. We are still trying to potty train. It's an uphill battle.

In conclusion I feel that this product is a great way to introduce potty training to children who are less than excited to get started with it. Such as my son, who refused to even sit on the potty prior to the Potty Patrol. I do feel that overall it worked for us. We experienced an amazing amount of potty success using Potty Patrol. I wold highly recommend them to parents of toddlers who refuse to use the potty like mine.

You can connect with Potty Patrol on Facebook.
Potty Patrol Diaper systems are available online at

So Sew Mama received a product as compensation for this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

Monday, December 23, 2013

2014 KIA Sorento Review - My Dream Ride #DriveSTI

#DriveSTI allowed me to review the KIA Sorento for one week, free of charge to facilitate this review post.

2014 KIA Sorento Review

Recently, I was given the opportunity to test drive the 2014 AWD KIA Sorento SX with my family. Drive STI allowed me to drive the Sorento for a week. I have been eyeing this vehicle for quite some time, so as you can imagine I was thrilled to have such an incredible opportunity. In just that short week, I fell in love. The KIA Sorento drives like a dream! I'm used to an SUV with a V8 engine, but I was more than surprised by how much more quite the V6 was. I drove the KIA several times during that week on daily errands, and school runs. It was so hard to say good bye! Trust me, the tears are flowing. 

We had some fun family car rides in the Sorento. When the snow had finally melted away, we had a family gathering and gift exchange to attend on my husbands side. We drove the not too far 15 or so miles in the KIA. The roads were wet from the melted snow. Although my husband could feel it in the breaks, it didn't cause any uneasiness. They still worked 100%. I just wish that there wasn't snow on the ground, almost the entire time I had it. It limited what and where we could go in it. Not because I didn't think it could handle it. I know it could. I just hate the cold. But it's the Rhode Island weather. Seriously, it was snowing the day it arrived, and its 60 and raining the day that they pick it up! Crazy weather,

The Key to my Dream car.

The Sorento was a Remington Red. Probably the exact color that I would have chosen if I could. The Sorento has Bluetooth, so you can easily answer your phone from the vehicle. Hands free! I did actually get some use out of it. Our SUV cannot do that. The AWD was perfect for the weather that we had. When the KIA arrived it was snowing pretty hard. The streets were covered in blankets of snow. It was very pretty. But it can be scary sometimes to drive in. Which is why I own a SUV. But mine doesn't even compare to the Sorento. It drove perfectly on the slick roads. The next couple of days were pretty icy as well. We had no problem navigating at all. It is truly an all-terrain vehicle.
There is also a remarkable navigation system in the KIA Sorento.  Everything is digital. The odometer in the dash is digital with a screen in the middle for your menu options. You also have the Uvo Services and everything at your fingertips on the steering column, including the Sirius satellite radio controls. There is also a CD slot, for all us oldies. (hehe) 
Can I just take a moment to say how much I adore the fact that they tell me what song is on. I cannot remember the countless times I would write down lyrics just so I can look up the song when I arrive home. It drove me crazy. Or, am I crazy for doing it? Either way, I am in love with that feature.

The push button start is a crazy awesome feature. I love the key-less entry. The backup camera is a nifty feature, that I know we can all use. It's not a necessity of course, but who wouldn't like a best friend guiding them to safety? My husband LOVED the blind spot detection. There are lights on the outside mirrors that will go off when something is in your blind spot. How nifty is that?

Mind Blowing Mom features too!

This vehicle not only has some of the top of the line tech, nevertheless it is also the perfect vehicle for moms. (Dads too!) If you are not into minivans than this is the perfect vehicle for you to try out. The KIA Sorento has ample space and seating for 3+ car seats. Trust me, I have three children who are all in car seats! The extra third row seating is a perfect add on feature too. It's not as roomy, but it does its job well. There is also a sunshade built into the door, which is really awesome. Especially for sunny summer drives! 
The panoramic sunroof is another great feature. It's pretty cool for the kids too. I'm sure it would help to soothe cranky kiddos too. With just the push of a button you can have the sunroof open, or closed up for those extra chilly nights. I know that mine really enjoyed me having it open for our daily errands. 

There is ample storage for groceries when the third row seating is down. But when you have the seats up right, you can only fit a couple bags. I very rarely go shopping for just a few things. So I am not sure if I would leave the seats up. The lift gate is automatic. You just have to hold the lift gate button on your remote to have it go up. Also, you can automatically release it by a button that is on the door itself. I am so short, so that was astounding. You can see the button at the top of the photo. It's small in the photo,  but it is hard to miss. 

There are so many incredible features of the Sorento. I cannot pick one that I love more. But here are some of my favorites compiled into a list.

  • The Huge sunroof is a lot of fun. But I think I would have gotten more use if it wasn't so darn cold out.
  • The blind spot monitoring. Yeah, that is wicked awesome! 
  • Three words, Back up camera! I wish my SUV had that. 
  • Navigation System. Need I say much more? I hate maps. I have having to take a GPS in and out of  my car. This was a built in feature that comes in handy on road trips. I need this car. 
  • The side mirrors fold in automatically by pushing a button. (well push it twice.) This may seem like a silly feature to love, but when you live where roads are narrow and mirrors get side swiped, its a necessity to remember. Luckily, I own my home and have parking.
  • The lift gate buttons! I can hear the heavens every time I press those buttons. Seriously, if you are short, you can appreciate what I am saying here. 
The 2014 SX AWD KIA Sorento can seat up to 7 passengers. While also getting 18 mpg City and 24 Highway. I felt safe inside the Sorento and felt that my children were too. It’s an overall trendy vehicle that is not just for moms. My husband still felt manly driving it. I think he was more saddened than I was when we had to say our good byes. He isn’t a car guy by any means. But this vehicle had it all. The Sorento is the perfect vehicle for growing families. I dream about this car. One day, it will be mine! If I keep begging my husband, it probably will be. 

I am disclosing that I received the KIA Sorento for one week for review purposes. All opinions as expressed in this post are my own. I was not required to write a positive post. The experiences as written are true. No other compensation was received. If you would like to have your products or company featured please view my disclosure and email me. Thank you DRIVESTI for providing me with the test vehicle. To learn more about Drive STI you can like their Facebook page.

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What was your favorite feature of the KIA Sorento?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Zeenie Dolls - Eco Warriors! Review

I received one or more products mentioned in this post for review. Regardless I only write about products I love. Enjoy the review, and thanks for reading!

Not sure what to get your daughter for Christmas? How about a new Zeenie doll? New on the scene and sure to please!

We received Lina and Evee to review. My daughter was excited. They give off the "Monster High" doll vibe but you can tell they are different. The go above and beyond by being made of recyleable materials!

First let me tell you a bit about how it all started! Straight from the Zeenie Doll website.
The concept and mission behind Zeenie Dollz started with a sketch. It was a mother and daughter team that brought it to life. Hansini, the creator, designer and inventor of the cute face dolls series, showed her mother, Laxmi, a beautiful sketch of a girl doll toy with flowing blue hair and explained that her persona was that of Mother Earth. With overwhelming support and belief in the concept, Laxmi used her toy industry experience to bring Zennia, the first unique doll in the series, to life. From there, the duo have worked together intimately through every step of the creative process to take a beautiful sketch, with a meaningful cause and a passion for the environment, and merge that into the Zeenie Dollz series you see today. 

Each doll highlights an environmental cause that needs attention, bringing together education and green ideals for young girls. Zennia, the special edition doll in the series, leads the pack and embodies Mother Earth, the protector of our planet.  As the giver and sustainer of life on earth, Zennia is passionate about combating the evil anti-environment villains that threaten to destroy the world. To assist her in protecting our environment and spreading eco-awareness, Zennia is joined by a team of five eco-warrior fashionistas.

Evee, Protector of the Skies and Defender against Pollution.

Kazumi, Protector of the Polar Regions and Defender against Global Warming

Lina is the protector of the rainforests along with her pet ocelot Abby; together they work hard to protect the rainforests and its species from deforestation.

Sini, Protector of Farmland and Defender of Mistreated and Abused Animals.

Yana is the protector of the oceans and all its marine inhabitants along with her pet dolphin Serena; together they work hard to protect the oceans from pollution and its species from over fishing.

Zennia, also known as Mother Earth, is the protector of our planet. Her mission is to save the Earth and its creatures from the anti-environment villains - and to do it in style! Zennia herself is made of recyclable materials and comes with a fashionable brush to style her hair, a luggage tag, colorful bracelet and the doll stand is included as well.

Each of the Zeenie dolls are 12 inches tall and come pact with five accessories, a hairbrush, an id card, a doll stand, a bracelet for the child to wear and a stuffed animal pal that coincides with the doll’s environmental cause.

Zeenie Dollz each also feature 12 different ball joints for maximum positioning options to create the best in play experiences. I love how their feet bed at the ankle! It is so cool! I wish these were around when I played with Barbie dolls.

You can find information on all six of the dolls and their causes can be found on the Zeenie website, in addition to various cause-related and age appropriate games and activities.

A percentage of every sale will be donated to organizations working to preserve the environment and protect all animals and the places they call home.

I also recommend that you check out the Zeenie Dolls app on iTunes. 

Catch Zeenie on twitter at and on facebook at

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sneaky Pete's Oat Beverage Review

I received the products mentioned for free to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Since I became a mom I have eaten loads of oatmeal. I have had so many flavored and different things added to help mix it up. Since oatmeal seems to assist in breast milk supply. But let's face it, it's just boring!
When Sneaky Pete's asked me to try out their awesome oat beverages I just could not say no! What a neat idea. I was a bit reserved on it because I just was not sure how oats would mix in drink farm. But I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived. They were more than delicious! My Sneaky Pete's beverages were a cloudy color, which is to be expected from the oats. There was a slight oat flavor but it was not overwhelming at all. 

You can receive all of the wholesome benefits of oatmeal in a convenient and delicious drink!  Sneaky Pete's is the first oat-based beverage of its kind, combining the healthy fibers of whole oats with great-tasting fruit flavors. Sneaky Pete's are low in calories, all natural, and yet contain 3 grams of dietary oat fiber.

How did Sneaky Pete get his nickname?It all started a couple of generations ago.  Pete’s grandfather “Pop” would secretly brew his delicious oat based beverages for his family to enjoy.  But grandfather was not alone!  Little Pete would sneak into the workroom and observe the hidden formulation.  One day grandfather caught Pete quietly sliding into the workroom and playfully called him “Sneaky Pete.”
From that day on Sneaky Pete’s grandfather taught him the healthy aspects of his recipe and the knowledge of the delicious fruit juices…they were actually brewed with oats.  Grandfather shared his love of brewing delicious beverages, but more importantly his passion for being a little “sneaky” himself and sharing heart-healthy fiber drinks with his family and friends.
I love that it is derived from a 100 year old family recipe too! I'm also a fan of the flavor variety. Currently, the flavors that are available are; apple, grape, mango, peach, and raspberry.

Sneaky Pete's isn't overly sweet either. It has the perfect blend of flavor. If you are like me and dislike plain water this is a great option for you. 

Sneaky Pete's is even found in your Grocery store! I looked! My children love it, and I am ecstatic over it! My favorite would have to be the Mango. So give it a try for yourself.

You can connect with Sneaky Pete's on Facebook. If your grocer does not carry Sneaky Pete's they can also be purchased online.

Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

Disclosure: I was sent the above noted products for review. Regardless, I only recommend products I would use. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Harmony Bell Review #readytopop

I received a free product to help facilitate this review. Regardless, I only recommend product that I would use.

Recently I was given the opportunity to work with Harmony Ball Company on a review of a beautiful Bola Pendant. I had never heard of these before, but I wish that I had. It is an extraordinary piece. 
Did you know that from around 20 weeks in Utero, babies can hear outside the womb? I had known that for quite some time.  
This pendant features a gorgeous blue bola ball encased in a sterling silver plated heart shaped basket hanging from a 36" long sterling silver plated chain. The basket opens and different colored bola balls are available to coordinate with any outfit. This can give you a unique more personalized look. The bola measures 20mm in diameter and the basket is 22mm. A beautiful handcrafted pendant for the mom-to-be. 

What is a Bola Ball?

It is a symbol of calm and relaxation, and has been used by pregnant women in many cultures for centuries. The bola is also known as the belly ball, belly bell and baby bell. Traditionally a Mexican bola is worn by pregnant women in Mexico. The Bola bell is worn low against moms baby bump. The soft chiming that it makes is said to create a soothing effect for the baby in the womb, and as well as the baby outside the womb. It is also supposed to help bond mom and baby.
Photo Credit: Harmony Ball Co.
I believe that is a beautiful sentiment and makes a wonderful story. Perfect for a gift to pass down to him or her as a family heirloom. The Bola may be worn after birth and the same relaxing sound may bring comfort during nursing. Shortening the necklace is a great way to use it after the birth of your children. The familiarity will help to create the same soothing effect. Or, if you are like me and did not get the opportunity to use the bola while pregnant, it still creates a relaxing effect while nursing and bonding with baby. Aria really enjoys the soft chiming while she is nursing. 

The cage is easily opened so that the chime can be replaced with other amazing colors! 

Aria is about to get her seventh tooth, Yes I said seventh, already! I can tell that with her behavior it is an uncomfortable time. I believe that between nursing and hearing the harmony ball, she is able to relax. If you have ever sat and listened to the softness of a wind chime, you would understand how this is so.

The Harmony ball pendants seem to be an up and coming accessory for moms in many cultures. I love how gorgeous it looks. Not only would this make the perfect gift for a new mom or mom to be, but this is an extremely fashionable piece of jewelry. It can easily be paired with a other jewelry. I really love the look of it. The bola is a unique pendant that is definitely a conversation started. Worth every penny! Cherish it, and pass it down for many years of continued use.

You can purchase your very own Bola necklace from Harmony Ball Company on etsy for $39.74.

Stay tuned for our giveaway! You won't want to miss it!

I received the product as noted above for review. Regardless, I only recommend products that I would use personally. As always all opinions are my own. If you would like your company or product featured please contact Desiree at