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Monday, January 20, 2014

Potty Training with Potty Patrol - Review

I received the products in this post to facilitate this review. All views are my own.

Potty Training is no laughing matter. Seriously, I hate it. My son refused to use the potty. To even sit on it. We tried everything. Even the "pee on cheerios" game everyone said worked. Not even close. So, I chose to retreat and give in to the diapers. I can't force the kid. That's when I decided to look up different methods and found these pretty awesome alarm diapers from Potty Patrol. Yes! There is such a thing. Controversial as it may sound, it is worth a shot for children whom insist on not using the potty. My son is four. Just so you all know. I am not trying to potty train against his time clock. He needs it. I need it. I just want less diapers.

The Potty Patrol Starter Kit is everything you need to begin potty training your little one.
The Starter kit includes;

  •  Alarm, with batteries.
  • 24 sensor diapers
  • a training guide 
  • Girl or boy versions are available in one standard size.
Before Potty Training it is ideal to make sure your toddler is ready.Use these helpful tips.


Children between 2 and 3 years old are usually physically and emotionally mature enough to begin potty training. 
A few key indicators are: 
+ Child is able to stay dry for several hours. 
+ Child notices when diapers need to be changed. 
+ Child has learned some potty lingo (yours or theirs). 
+ Child follows simple instructions.
Once the Potty Patrol system senses wetness, the alarm alerts parent and child so you can place your child on the toilet to finish. Placing your child on the toilet immediately will help them link cause and effect more quickly and effectively and achieve greater potty training success.  All you have to do is place the Potty Patrol sensor diaper on your child, making sure the snaps are on the front. Then you snap the sensor onto the front of the diaper. Once it’s snapped on, the sensor is automatically activated.

Potty Patrol Starter Kits cost $29.99 and refills are $19.99. I did potty train my oldest child in a week. Keep that in mind when purchasing. All children take their own time in potty training. Ask my son. He will tell you.

My son started taking the alarm off every time I put it on. Since I didn't want to fight it, I did stop using them for a few weeks. In hopes that he would forget. That did work for us. It's something to keep in mind if you have this problem. I do believe that these alarm diapers work. But it isn't an overnight thing.

It is best to stay home during the duration of using Potty Patrol Diaper systems. Since you must bring them as fast as you can to the potty. Not ideal for grocery runs. The diaper isn't all that easy to remove for the child. Which can be a good thing. But You do have to assist your child. I would love to see a pull up version in a couple different sizes.

The Cons:
The alarm is pretty quiet. That can be both a pro, and a con. But for argument sake lets just say that it's a con since I would have to follow my son all day to be able to hear it. He doesn't always tell me. I found that one out quickly. My son also developed an obsession with the sensor and would pull it off after a week of using. He did successfully go to the potty daily and after the music would play. We are still trying to potty train. It's an uphill battle.

In conclusion I feel that this product is a great way to introduce potty training to children who are less than excited to get started with it. Such as my son, who refused to even sit on the potty prior to the Potty Patrol. I do feel that overall it worked for us. We experienced an amazing amount of potty success using Potty Patrol. I wold highly recommend them to parents of toddlers who refuse to use the potty like mine.

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So Sew Mama received a product as compensation for this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.