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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby-led Solids

My baby girl is growing up! She is still exclusively breastfed, and I want to keep it that way. She seems to have other plans. Every meal that I eat, she seems to attempt to steal my food. The faces she makes are just adorable. If she isn't close enough to grab at what I'm eating she will start to cry. This is such a new thing for her, just these last two days. I'm so amazed at her milestones and how she is progressing. She can almost get herself sitting up from a laying down position as well. She can roll either way. It is such a beautiful process; watching a child grow. 

Huh? What is this Baby-led Solids you speak of?

Monday, January 21, 2013 A Great Family Resource

You can find a lot of great family resources on the web. Such websites as,, can be very helpful. 

Recently I stumbled across It's really easy to navigate and has a clean and fresh look to it. I had no problem signing up. It was quick, easy and above all free.

You can find a lot of different bite size articles on There is a little of something for everybody.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

What are the things you wish you were great at?

We all have our flaws, whether we would like to admit them or not. As much as we try to hide behind our masks we know the truth. 

We are all bad at something. That is just a fact. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Describe when you knew your spouse was the one or how I fell in love

Post 15 in my 30 things series

Mike is the best man out there. No man can compare to him. He is compassionite and unerstanding. He believes in me and everything that I want. We are bestfriends and always have been.

We met when we were kids, I was about to turn 16. It was young love, puppy love some would say. For us this wasn't true. As you can see we have three amazing children and a home together years later. 

It was by chance that we met. Honestly, I have been known to call it fate. It  should not have happened but it did.

My friend and I were going to visit another friend who lived up the street. How I managed to not knock on the right door is beyond me. I knew where that friend lived, yet I knowck on the door beside it. There he was, 6 feet something with a goatee and just that italian look about him. That was the beginning of my fairy take. Should I have went back to knock again after? Probably not. But I did, accompanied by my best fried whom egged on the situation. Love that girl. 
He smiled at me and my heart sank. My mom met him that very day. At least I had her meet him. If anything else, she knew I just met a complete stranger. But that is how all friendships start.

We barely spent a day apart after that. Of course, there were plenty of bumps along the way. Young love isn't supposed to last after all. We are both strong and didn't want to give up. So here we are today. Some bruises but we made it. 

It's not your average story, but it is ours. As different as it may be, I love it. 
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When Kids wake up WAY too early..

Every morning it seems without fail, my pumpkin wakes up very early. It doesn't matter when she falls asleep either.

It's ok my darling 4 year old. One day you will be a teenager, and will learn how much it stinks to be woken up bright and early. ha haa. My son by the way woke up at 10:30 am. That is a record! He wins.


Parenting - Doing it right!
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What is the hardest part of growing up?

My kids are growing up, lets face it, that's just how life goes. 

Watching baby girls' adorable toothless smile brings me so much joy. She is growing up and getting smarter everyday. Today, she found her feet! Well she has been eye balling them for some time but today she was really trying to play with them. The first of my kids to like their feet. It's OK, they get that from me.

It's really not just her though, my older too are also getting big. Well, obviously they are!

I swear it was just yesterday that I was holding my pumpkin in my arms nursing her! Now she is 4 and in pre-school. Acting like a mini teenager some days. Where did my cute little baby go? 

My son is all boy. This kid has bruises and I couldn't tell you where these thing pop up from. He has no fear, I swear. Then the nest moment he is giving me kisses asking for hugs. He is the most sweetest little boy in the world! He is still behind in speech, but I think it's just that he is intelligent. Even Einstein did not speak until he was 4. 

Honestly, I can't remember not being "grown" up. It must have been at some point that I was a kid. But when i was a teenager I loved being able to be free and do as I please. I went for long drives to Newport RI. ( not far from me) in the middle of the night. My best friend and I had so much fun just being together. I didn't go to party's they came to me. Somewhere between being bullied and becoming a mom I had a small window of popularity I guess. It took me until recently to notice that one. I was going through a lot during that time so I just didn't take much notice.

If I was to tell my kids one thing about growing up it's that they should not rush it. I remember wanting to be 21. It's nothing great. When you are 21 you want to be 16 again. Having that freedom is amazing. That life just wasn't for me. I want so much more for them. They need to find themselves in their own way. I just wish that they will always be able to ask me whatever they wish to. 

I met my now husband at 16 and here we are. I always wanted this life. It may not be perfect but it's mine.
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Describe a Typical day in Your Current Life

Describe a Typical day in Your Current Life

My days Are usually the same day to day, but for the purpose of this post I'll use a school day. Who doesn't love school days?

While dreaming peacefully under my nice warm blanket and baby girl by my side, I get woken up by my oldest daughter jumping on my head at six in the morning. As she wakes her baby sister by touching her nose and pushing it in saying "boop". Oh lovely! Now I have no choice but to get up out of bed.

My son is usually still asleep at 8:00 am these days. I love that little boy. He's just growing up so fast.

We come downstairs and I change baby girls diaper. Than I make the older kids their cup of milk. My son wakes up and comes downstairs. With his still glazed over puffy eyes. 

I breastfeed baby girl while the kids drink their milk and watch some T.V. Usually while I simultaneously tell them to stop standing on the couch.  

Baby girl goes down for a little snooze.

After I change my sons diaper and wash my hands I start breakfast. My kids love their sausage and eggs. The are truly their fathers children. Speaking of daddy, he comes home from the gym around now. As you may or may not know hes working on getting his back working right again after having back surgery. He's doing much better these days. Hopefully the doctor will allow him to look for a new job soon.

Any who, after the kids get dressed and I do my pumpkins hair in the cute little pig tails she loves they go off to school. Luckily daddy does this sometimes so I stay home with baby girl. By now it is 9 am.

While baby girl naps I try to get a bit to eat and do a bit of sewing.

Afterwards I nurse her.

The kids get home from school at noon. They tell me what they did in school and show me their cute little art projects. While sitting down for lunch.

It takes about 10 minutes for the mysterious mess to appear. Nobody knows who did it or how it happened.

After cleaning the mess and lunch the kids wind down while running around the house in circles. ha ha.

I nurse Baby girl.

All of the kids go down for a nap. ( yeah, right!)

At this rate it is going to take me forever to write everything that happens from nap time to when i go to bed.

When the kids wake up and baby girl nurses again they all play together. Baby girl has tummy time. They all really do love each other. It is just adorable. 

Somewhere in there supper is made and ready. 

At some point the house gets cleaned and messed again.

When the kids are finally wiped out we put them to bed.

I nurse baby girl.

Again, I try to get some sewing and cleaning done (maybe). Or I just sit down and watch some T.V.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Letter to Myself As a New Mom

This is the letter I'm sure I'd want to read years ago when the diapers and sleepless nights had just began. Also those tiring first days in the hospital when breastfeeding was just not working.

Dear New Mom,

You're alive! You made it through the most horrible and most extraordinary experience of your life. That Cesarean section was not planned, and it may have almost taken your life but you're here. The nurses are not helpful with nursing and they are pushing formula on your new baby girl. You know this is wrong, but you just don't know what to do. She wont latch on right and your toes are curling from the pain. When she starts losing weight they will give you no choice but to supplement. Yet, you persevere. You want this to work and you will give it your all. Nursing is not always easy.

Do not get discouraged over this. It will get easier. Find the lactation nurse. She knows what she is doing. The first six weeks of nursing will seem like an uphill battle, but it gets better. You may want to give up right now but later on you will be so proud. A few months from now you will be extremely happy. Your nursing relationship will improve and you will educate yourself as you should have during your pregnancy.

Becoming pregnant again was not on you to do list. It will happen a lot sooner then you want it to. Your baby is 12 weeks old and you are just getting a handle on things. You're scared and don't know how you'll make it. This will pass. You are a strong woman and a great mother. 

You are not perfect, no mother is. You are beautiful. Even with the stretchmarks. 

You will sleep through the night again. You will have a clean home again. You will wear pre-baby clothes again. Take it one day at a time. 

Soon you will have three young children and it will just come naturally just as you wish it would now. It takes hard work and you have worked so hard to become the woman you are.

You will be in college and juggling life as a mom of three. You may not lose all that baby weight but you have those three precious babies. 

Just know that you will successfully breastfeed all of your children and do so in public without a care. 

You are strong!

Baby #3
The road ahead looks tough, I'm sure. There will be days when you are sad and don't understand why. You are overwhelmed and exhausted. This time may seem like it will never end, but somehow you will find a way. 
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Friday, January 4, 2013

15 Baby Products You Can Live Without

There are so many baby products out there, and I can see how some moms get caught up in the hype of them. Honestly moms what products did you find had absolutely no use, or little use? 

So there may be some of these silly products that can be used, but I doubt they will be used longer then a few weeks. 

Personally I would rather receive items that give me more bang for my buck. All of the big baby items like crib, bassinet, boppy pillow, pack 'n' play etc. have been reused from my oldest child. No need to keep buying those things, unless you sell them or they are damaged. Although, if I had the money I would buy one of those co-sleeper beds. We co-sleep with baby girl and I love it. However, there are times I like to just put her in the bassinet by the bed so I can stretch out. 

Alright, so I have come up with this list of seriously silly, completely ridiculous, and downright not needed baby items to cross of your baby registry. 

If I missed anything let me know? What did you find you didn't need?

Top 15 Baby Items you DO NOT need

1. Baby Wipe Warmer- Seriously, this product is not needed. The world isn't perfect, and this is teaching your child the opposite. Sometimes you butt will get cold. Hold the wipe in your hand a few second. There you go, I just saved you $20.00. Life isn't perfect, so don't sugar coat it.

2. Bottle Warmer- I never used bottles, but if I had I would never use a bottle warmer. It is a silly expense. This is just as silly as a wipe warmer for similar reasons. Just skip it. They even make wipe warmer/bottle warmer combos now.

3. Changing Table- Confession time. I do own one. I probably used it a handful of times, and currently it is serving another purpose in our laundry room. The thing is it was made for us, not bought. It is a desk, re-purposed. If you think you will use it, then go for it. It is really unnecessary though.

4. Pee-Pee Teepee- 
Being that I am a mother of a boy and two girls, listen to me, you will get pee'd on by both. If you want to avoid those love piddles then just but a cloth over it. It is a cone you put over the penis to protect against pee getting into your face. A diaper change takes a few seconds, deal with it.

5. "Thudguard" Helmet-
The name says it all. This is just silly, kids stumble.

6. Swimming Neck Ring-
 Does this even sound safe? This product gives me nightmares. Its essentially a pool float you put around your babies neck. 

7. Her First Heels-
 As cute as you may think these are they come with a hefty price tag. 

8. The Babykeeper-
This thing looks dangerous, but that is not the reason I wouldn't own one. Having a child means you lose you free hands. If you can't have another adult hold your child then don't use a public restroom. Baby loves to be in your arms. 

9. Baby Perfume- Are you kidding me? They have this stuff on the market? Personally, I do not wear perfume while my kids are babies. They have eczema so I find it to irritate their delicate skin. This product at $35.00 a bottle is just not worth it. 

10. Baby Bathrobe-
You probably will never use these. I have some with tags still from my first child. 

11. The Peekaru-
I seriously laughed out loud when I saw this. It's a product for moms who baby wear. There is a little whole for you baby to peak out of. Essentially it is a snuggie for mom and baby. No, just no. 

12. Glider- You probably wont use this. I find my couch to be the best place to nurse, or in bed.

13. Bumbo seats- Never owned one, and I never will. Hold your baby in your lap, that is where they want to be after all. 

14. Baby Powder-  I think it's common knowledge that inhalation of talc baby powder can cause very serious breathing problems and even death. Talc is closely related to the potent carcinogen asbestos. Talc particles have been shown to cause tumors in the ovaries and lungs of cancer victims. If you've got it, toss it. Cornstarch-based powders are just as effective and much safer. And so many moms don't even use powder in any form, so it's not even necessary.

15. Bottle propping devices-
As I said before I never used bottles but I still find this to be ridiculous. Are you that busy to not hold your baby? That is just crazy. Your baby wants to be in your arms. If they cant hold the bottle themselves then you need to hold it for them. This is one of those products that gets under my skin. Same as when i see babies who can hold their bottles being put in the crib with them. Please do not do this. Both of these things are dangerous. 

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