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Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 Family Easter Activities - Guest Post

5 Family Easter Activities

The Easter holidays don’t need to break the bank.  After all the best things in life are free, or so the saying goes!  If you’re worried about the kids getting bored and bouncing off the walls at home then there are plenty of low-cost and free activities to keep them amused throughout the break.  We’ve come up with a few seasonal activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

  1. Make Easter cards
Need to keep the kids entertained? Need to send Easter cards to friends and family? This is a fun way to kill two birds with one stone.  Buy a cheap packet of blank cards and have your kids decorate them with your help.  Maybe you could draw patterned Easter eggs on the front for your kids to colour and cover in glitter?  Or perhaps buy a pack of feathers from a craft shop and your kids can draw and collage chicks and eggs onto the front of the cards.  There’s also a huge selection of templates available on the Internet if your kids are a bit younger and you’re lacking in artistic ability.

  1. Make your own Easter egg hunt at home
If you can’t find any free Easter egg trails in your area then it can be just as much fun to make your own at home.  Buy a couple of packs of small wrapped chocolate eggs and simply hide them all around your house and garden.  If your kids are a bit older you could write a set of clues on scraps of paper and hide each egg with a clue that leads them to the next egg.  You’ll have as much fun writing the clues and finding the hiding places as the kids will have looking for them!

  1. Cook hot cross buns and chocolate nests
Kids love helping out in the kitchen (they love anything where there’s the opportunity to make a horrendous mess!)  Popular Easter treats to cook up in the kitchen include hot cross buns and chocolate cornflake nests with little chocolate eggs in the middle.  If you’ve done all these before then there’s plenty of clever kids’ Easter biscuit and cupcake recipe ideas on the Internet that you can look at for inspiration.

  1. Easter walk and picnic
Easter is a beautiful time of year for a crisp spring walk.  Buy the kids disposable cameras and get them to take pictures capturing the first signs of spring, from butterflies to blooming bulbs and bird nests to delicate snow drops.  Depending where in the world you are it may be warm enough to end the walk with the first picnic of the year.  Even if it is a little damp outside you can take along waterproof PVC tablecloths in the place of a picnic blanket and wrap up warm.  If kids are enjoying themselves outside they often don’t even notice the cold or the damp!

  1. Egg blowing and painting
No child should be deprived of egg blowing at Easter!  It’s been around for generations but this Easter craft still remains fun.  Carefully pierce each end of the egg, insert a skewer and jiggle it around very carefully to break up the yolk and then blow the contents out into a bowl (keep this for baking Easter treats).  Rinse the egg out with water by placing your finger over the bottom hole and running some water over the top hole, shake it around a bit before blowing the water out.  Now gather as many crafty bits; glitter, sequins, feathers and paints as you can find and let your kids go wild decorating them.  Chances are you’ll end up with more glitter, feathers and paint on the kids than on the eggs, but they’ll enjoy it!

Author BioSarah Hewitt is a new blogger who blogs about anything and everything. You can contact her via her Twitter page or Google+