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Friday, August 9, 2013

Go Fresh Baby food pouch review & #Giveaway

I received a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Being eco friendly can be easy. You do not have to be a hippie to love our planet! I'm not. Sure, I am not 100% green living. But I try to do my part. I cloth diaper, and recycle. So obviously I do my best to avoid buying store bought baby food. Making our own is just so much cheaper. Baby food pouches are still a new concept to me. But after trying a few brands I have grown to love them dearly! Or maybe I am lazy. Either way, I love them. Reusable food pouches are easy  to use and clean. What is more, they are great for our environment. A bargain at that! 
Alright, so she is a REALLY messy eater.
These pouches are made of a food grade plastic that are BPA and Phthalate free and freezer friendly. Just make a bunch ahead of time and store it away! Great for babysitters! Even for on the go feedings. GoFreshBaby food pouch is perfect for fresh organic food purees, homemade fruit smoothies, yogurt treats and more.

A three-pack of these pouches retails for $9.99. Which is a huge bargain because I have seen single use pouches for almost $3 each! Ouch. 
These pouches have a double zippered side opening. That can make it a bit tricky to fill without a funnel. So go invest in one of those. It is worth it. The opening is not all that big. You can also swap out the caps for the disposable ones if you lost them.

However, they do not seem to hold very much. I can only fill these reusable baby food pouches with 4 oz of food. Not a huge deal of course. But lets face it, 4 oz is just not going to fill up a hungry baby. Even after nursing her! This kid eats like a toddler already. Speaking of, Aria will be 1 years old is September! Oh how the time flies by. 

The GoFreshBaby pouch is economical. You can buy them in sets of three for less than the cost of some single competitor pouches. The caps are replaceable, so even if one gets tossed, I can go on their website, and buy a replacement pack. For the price of just a few disposable pouches, I have my own, and, bonus, I get to choose exactly what Aria eats.

These food pouches are still pretty thin when filled. 
Update:: After further use, I was able to get the  bottom gusset to expand. Creating more space. At first I was not able to, but with several uses it became rather easy. I am extremely happy with the amount that it holds now. 

Here is another photo of a filled up food pouch.

You can purchase your very own Go Fresh Baby reusable food pouches online for only $9.99 for a pack of three! There is also a funnel available through their website.

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I received a free product for review. Regardless, I only recommend product that I would use. All views are my own.