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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3rd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge- Day 2: Preparing For The Challenge.

Preparing for the Challenge.

As I stated before, we had no flats. Well that's a lie, I had some that were used for burp cloths.
I tried to use what was on hand as much as possible so I limited how much I bough.

Here was my shopping list:

  • A 6 pack of Osocozy flats at $8.98 on Amazon.
  • A 4 pack of Flour Sack Towels from target for $3.98
  • A plunger from the Dollar store for, you guessed it $1
  • A 5 gallon bucket from Walmart, with lid for $6.99
  • 3 pack of Snappis on Amazon for $8.99
We are using a total of 10 flats!! I tried to use a old T Shirt, but it just wasn't working for us. Wool covers can be expensive, but they work amazingly. If you are crafty you could sew up your own up-cycled wool.

We are using 4 covers for the challenge. 1 PUL cover, 2 wool covers, 1 pocket to stuff with a flat. 

 We prepped our new flats by boiling them for 30 minutes. When I say WE I really mean ME. 

 First be sure to Add a couple drops of DAWN and gently stir. I almost burnt myself bad. Go very slowly. 

Let Air Dry. This process is much faster if left outside to dry. Or use some fans. You can also put your flats between towels and role them up to get any extra moisture out first. We did not do this and the first drying time was 5 hours. OUCH.

I already owned Wool covers, wraps and a PUL Cover. So those were on hand. I cannot say how much they cost, but wool can be expensive. If I had any, I would have sewn up a cover for the challenge. If I do it again next year that will be on my to do list. 

I will be also using old T-Shirts that are way too big for Mike. Some were even 6xl. HUGE. 

Even though we can use a night time diaper, I'm going all in and just using flats and boosters. 

  • We made a camp style washer with the bucket and plunger. 
  • I boiled down my flats and flower sack towels with Blue DAWN.
  • I washed his old t shirts really well with Blue DAWN. 
  • I even prefold several diapers a day, just so that it is less for me to do and easier. 

When washing our flats I made a Camp Style washer. Just a 5 Gallon bucket and lid with a plunger.
We drilled a hole through the lid and small holes in the plunger to assist in agitation. This way it is less work.

I try to do this alone. I'm sure Mike would snicker a bit if he saw. It is definitely a good arm work out. I need it too. 

My favorite folds so far seem to be the Oragomi fold, Kite fold, and diaper bag fold. I have not even done the pad fold yet. I will leave that one for Mike to use if I leave the house. I'm loving the flats.

Are you taking the Challenge? What is working for you? If you are not, would you ever do it?