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Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Job Chart - An online Chore Chart!

My Job Chart is an awesome way for families to assign jobs around the house and reward kids in ways they respond to best.  It is a virtual way of keeping track of recurring and occasional chores, and there’s a built-in, customizable rewards system. 

Kids complete chores to earn points. Putting the ownership on the kids, the children are.

There are three ways point can be redeemed 

  • money to be put in to savings
  • money to be donated to charity 
  • money used to purchase a reward.

My kids love that they get their own password to use to login.  Parents love that you can setup any kind of chores you want, set the number of points per chore and how much money points are worth.  I love that you can customize the day that chores come up. This makes it easier on smaller kids. 

The best thing about is that the use of the website is FREE! All user accounts and use of the reward tracking data is all free.  

As with any website, parents should take caution when allowing children to use the internet.  My Job Chart allows children to choose their own rewards, with special emphasis towards items that can be purchased on Amazon.  

On My Job Chart, each family has one main account that each individual family member can access using their own unique name and password. Parents are given controls, but kids can have a voice in which jobs and what rewards can be used. My Job Chart gives parents the satisfaction of seeing their kids gain the foundation skills of a strong work ethic and financial responsibility.

However, while use of the website is free, obviously in the end it is the parents that will be purchasing the earned rewards. 

How Does it work?

Obviously, you create an account using your email address. The first page is Account Settings. This is where you can decide how often you want My Job Chart to let you know what chores your child is completing. I love the option of getting text.

Then you add your family members. You can also add a second parent which is nice if you and your spouse want to share the job assignment responsibility. On this page there are also tutorial videos for all kinds of things you may need assistance with.

From there you can assign the daily or weekly chores. Even if you would like them done in the AM or PM. You can even add in your own chores and icons.

Here is the summary for my kids. 

You can even print out the list if you restrict computer access. This way you can input the results yourself. I do wish the printable chart had the same icons.

After you are finished with that, you can head over to the Manage Rewards tab. From there you can access the earnings and change rewards. You can also adjust the settings to how money is saved. It is a great learning tool. Something that I wish I had. I am a horrible book keeper. I was never taught about money and how to save it. But in my defense, I am way better then Mike. 

If you want to get crazy, you can even add in a trip to Disney as a reward! I also added trips to the Zoo and park. 

If you want to keep tabs on what your child is doing chore wise, you can do that as well. It will tell you if the job was completed or not, and the point value.

Once -jobs are completed and I'm Done is clicked, you will hear cheering and a pop up appear. I love the positive reinforcement. 

Messages can also be sent back ion forth from parent to child. Not a great communicator, but it is a cute way to say I love you. 

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My Job Chart is an easy to use tool to help guide your children to learn about money. It is also a great way to track chores is a techie work. Times have changed, we might as well adapt and learn. Check out My Job Chart now and sign up for a totally FREE account. There is no point in waiting. You can even assign the easiest of tasks for your kids.

Do you have any tips for teaching kids about money?

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Thank you for taking the time to read this sponsored post. I was not required to right a positive review for My Job Chart, even though I was compensated. I feel that my readers would appreciate the knowledge. ALl views are 100% my own.