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Monday, December 23, 2013

2014 KIA Sorento Review - My Dream Ride #DriveSTI

#DriveSTI allowed me to review the KIA Sorento for one week, free of charge to facilitate this review post.

2014 KIA Sorento Review

Recently, I was given the opportunity to test drive the 2014 AWD KIA Sorento SX with my family. Drive STI allowed me to drive the Sorento for a week. I have been eyeing this vehicle for quite some time, so as you can imagine I was thrilled to have such an incredible opportunity. In just that short week, I fell in love. The KIA Sorento drives like a dream! I'm used to an SUV with a V8 engine, but I was more than surprised by how much more quite the V6 was. I drove the KIA several times during that week on daily errands, and school runs. It was so hard to say good bye! Trust me, the tears are flowing. 

We had some fun family car rides in the Sorento. When the snow had finally melted away, we had a family gathering and gift exchange to attend on my husbands side. We drove the not too far 15 or so miles in the KIA. The roads were wet from the melted snow. Although my husband could feel it in the breaks, it didn't cause any uneasiness. They still worked 100%. I just wish that there wasn't snow on the ground, almost the entire time I had it. It limited what and where we could go in it. Not because I didn't think it could handle it. I know it could. I just hate the cold. But it's the Rhode Island weather. Seriously, it was snowing the day it arrived, and its 60 and raining the day that they pick it up! Crazy weather,

The Key to my Dream car.

The Sorento was a Remington Red. Probably the exact color that I would have chosen if I could. The Sorento has Bluetooth, so you can easily answer your phone from the vehicle. Hands free! I did actually get some use out of it. Our SUV cannot do that. The AWD was perfect for the weather that we had. When the KIA arrived it was snowing pretty hard. The streets were covered in blankets of snow. It was very pretty. But it can be scary sometimes to drive in. Which is why I own a SUV. But mine doesn't even compare to the Sorento. It drove perfectly on the slick roads. The next couple of days were pretty icy as well. We had no problem navigating at all. It is truly an all-terrain vehicle.
There is also a remarkable navigation system in the KIA Sorento.  Everything is digital. The odometer in the dash is digital with a screen in the middle for your menu options. You also have the Uvo Services and everything at your fingertips on the steering column, including the Sirius satellite radio controls. There is also a CD slot, for all us oldies. (hehe) 
Can I just take a moment to say how much I adore the fact that they tell me what song is on. I cannot remember the countless times I would write down lyrics just so I can look up the song when I arrive home. It drove me crazy. Or, am I crazy for doing it? Either way, I am in love with that feature.

The push button start is a crazy awesome feature. I love the key-less entry. The backup camera is a nifty feature, that I know we can all use. It's not a necessity of course, but who wouldn't like a best friend guiding them to safety? My husband LOVED the blind spot detection. There are lights on the outside mirrors that will go off when something is in your blind spot. How nifty is that?

Mind Blowing Mom features too!

This vehicle not only has some of the top of the line tech, nevertheless it is also the perfect vehicle for moms. (Dads too!) If you are not into minivans than this is the perfect vehicle for you to try out. The KIA Sorento has ample space and seating for 3+ car seats. Trust me, I have three children who are all in car seats! The extra third row seating is a perfect add on feature too. It's not as roomy, but it does its job well. There is also a sunshade built into the door, which is really awesome. Especially for sunny summer drives! 
The panoramic sunroof is another great feature. It's pretty cool for the kids too. I'm sure it would help to soothe cranky kiddos too. With just the push of a button you can have the sunroof open, or closed up for those extra chilly nights. I know that mine really enjoyed me having it open for our daily errands. 

There is ample storage for groceries when the third row seating is down. But when you have the seats up right, you can only fit a couple bags. I very rarely go shopping for just a few things. So I am not sure if I would leave the seats up. The lift gate is automatic. You just have to hold the lift gate button on your remote to have it go up. Also, you can automatically release it by a button that is on the door itself. I am so short, so that was astounding. You can see the button at the top of the photo. It's small in the photo,  but it is hard to miss. 

There are so many incredible features of the Sorento. I cannot pick one that I love more. But here are some of my favorites compiled into a list.

  • The Huge sunroof is a lot of fun. But I think I would have gotten more use if it wasn't so darn cold out.
  • The blind spot monitoring. Yeah, that is wicked awesome! 
  • Three words, Back up camera! I wish my SUV had that. 
  • Navigation System. Need I say much more? I hate maps. I have having to take a GPS in and out of  my car. This was a built in feature that comes in handy on road trips. I need this car. 
  • The side mirrors fold in automatically by pushing a button. (well push it twice.) This may seem like a silly feature to love, but when you live where roads are narrow and mirrors get side swiped, its a necessity to remember. Luckily, I own my home and have parking.
  • The lift gate buttons! I can hear the heavens every time I press those buttons. Seriously, if you are short, you can appreciate what I am saying here. 
The 2014 SX AWD KIA Sorento can seat up to 7 passengers. While also getting 18 mpg City and 24 Highway. I felt safe inside the Sorento and felt that my children were too. It’s an overall trendy vehicle that is not just for moms. My husband still felt manly driving it. I think he was more saddened than I was when we had to say our good byes. He isn’t a car guy by any means. But this vehicle had it all. The Sorento is the perfect vehicle for growing families. I dream about this car. One day, it will be mine! If I keep begging my husband, it probably will be. 

I am disclosing that I received the KIA Sorento for one week for review purposes. All opinions as expressed in this post are my own. I was not required to write a positive post. The experiences as written are true. No other compensation was received. If you would like to have your products or company featured please view my disclosure and email me. Thank you DRIVESTI for providing me with the test vehicle. To learn more about Drive STI you can like their Facebook page.

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