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Sunday, February 3, 2013

What popular notion do you think the world has wrong?

One of the biggest things that I believe most people have wrong is that they think they have to love everything about the person whom they are IN love with. 

This is a common misconception, and it destroys families. Not everyone in the world is going to agree with their partner. There is not one perfect person in the world. We are all created as individuals. We all make mistakes. I know that I have, and yet, that person still loves me for who I am. Flaws and all.

Fights happen. That is just how life goes. If you're mad, go in another room and relax. Too many people get divorced because they can't get past their partner's mistakes. Granted, I can understand that some people can't forgive certain misdeeds. 

I believe we live in a world where marriage and relationships do not mean the same as they once did. Hopefully my children will grow up to create a better world. I want them to change the world. 

Is it so hard to just be in love?

What popular notion do you think the world has wrong?

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

There are so many people to choose from, my brain hurts. 

Does Johnny Depp count? 

Or how about, Will Smith?

Seriously though, I would love to have a huge family gathering with all of the family I have not seen in years, or ever. There is quite a bit of family out there that I still do not know exists, so that would be incredible. 

Who would you have dinner with?

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What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about parenthood?

My pumpkin made the front page of the paper! She had a lot of fun. That little cutie with the pink boots on is mine! lol

Here you can see she took her boots off. Silly little pumpkin.

  • The smiles, laughs and giggles! It makes every second of pain worth it! 
  • Hearing my babies say "I Love You".
  • Hugs
  • Kisses
  • Getting beautified by my 4 year old.
  • Those lovely art projects they bring home from school.
  • The Milestones
  • Breastfeeding

Least favorite:

  • When they are sick.
  • When they whine.
  • Not having many friends.
  • Cabin fever
  • Anxiety
  • Those extremely sharp nails.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

What is your favorite Holiday?

My favorite Holiday would have to be Christmas. 

It's an amazing time of year. Family gets together to celebrate. It isn't even about the presents. My kids are not ungrateful at all. 

What is not to love?

What is your favorite Holiday?
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

Just like you, I too have goals for the future.
A lot of them involve my kids, and how their life will be. However, I do have some pretty extraordinary goals for myself.

In 5 years I would be happy to have all of my children in school and doing well. With me being an active part in their education and PTA. I really never thought I would be the type to want to be in a group like that, so this is all new to me. My oldest will be starting Catholic School this coming year. They are pretty active when it comes to that.

I would also love to be an R.N in 5 years. It has taken me so long to get where I am currently. In 10 years I plan to be a Midwife.

We also want to get a bigger better house. When I dream, I dream big. It's not a necessity, but if I can have it, I want it.

I want a county style home with a huge staircase, and a brick fire place. With acres of land. Oh, and horses! Maybe a few chickens. Yeah, you get the idea?

Who knows what will happen. Maybe I will be a Doctor. Maybe I will have another baby. The future is uncertain.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Describe your relationship with your parents

Everything that you go through in life, creates the amazingly unique person that you are today.
Those are the most endearing words that I live by. I'm not sure if anybody has come up with that quote before me, so I can't say it's original. 

My father was never around when I was young. He still really isn't around. We talk more now then we had ever before. This is a fact that used to bother me greatly. Now, it just is what it is. I'm an adult and I can face the fact that I didn't have him in my life. We definitely don't have the type of relationship I wish we had. The fact that I never had anybody to call dad is a bit depressing. 

I did have a step-dad growing up, but it just wasn't the same. My sister was his daughter and I knew I could never be. Sure, he loves me, but not as he does her. He is a good man though. I can't say I have any complaints. We rarely talk these days. I'm not sure whose fault it really is.

My mom is a strong woman. She has definitely been through more then I will know. She is such a great grandma! She loves these babies to the moon and back. I love my mom. 

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Describe 3 Significant things from your childhood

Would I be odd if I didn't remember much about my childhood?

A lot of it I just decided to leave behind, and the rest well, I really can't remember. While trying to come up with three, I could not choose what would be best to share. I do have some pretty great memories from my teen years. Those are things that are better left to the imagination, however. 

I chose to use the very first memory that I can think of for my 20th post in my 30 things my kids should know about me series

The first memory that comes to mind is when I was seven. My aunt and uncle were babysitting. (they also lived with us)

They had convinced me I had a spider on my head! I remember running around the house screaming because I could not find the spider to get it out of my hair. While they hid in the bathroom. I've brought this up before and they don't admit to it. So either it really did not happen, or they don't remember it. All I know is that it's an extremely vivid memory. I doubt it was my imagination that had made it up. I'm seriously not all that creative. They are the best though! Honest. 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

How did you feel the moment you became a parent?

This post is supposed to be about how I felt the moment I became a parent. Since there are no words to describe the amazement I felt, I want to tell the story with pictures. My first child was born in 2008 by emergency c-section after she just would not come out and my blood pressure rose above 160/100. 

Afterwards I could barely move my fingers. Sadly, I could not breastfeed her right away like I could with my second and third born. Which in turn created obstacles for us with breastfeeding. It eventually worked out and she was exclusively breastfed after being home from the hospital.

What my spouse loves most about me

Have you ever asked your spouse what they love about you?
I'm not sure the topic has ever come up. It doesn't seem like something that is needed. But I'm also different from you. 

I think he loves how much alike we are. It's as though we are the same person sometimes.
Also, I'm not sure many women would be able to deal with him the way I can.

What do you think your spouse loves about you?

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

What are the things you wish you were great at?

We all have our flaws, whether we would like to admit them or not. As much as we try to hide behind our masks we know the truth. 

We are all bad at something. That is just a fact. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My five greatest accomplishments

Continuing with our 30 things series is a post about accomplishments. 

What have you accomplished that you are proud of?

  • The biggest accomplishment in my life would have to be my kids. Obvious really, they are my entire world.
  • Finishing my G.E.D. If you have read my previous posts on bullying, you will understand why I did not finish high school. But getting my G.E.D diploma is still an amazing accomplishment that I am proud of.
  • Getting into College while raising my children. My first daughter was a baby when I started, and now I have been going for almost 3 years. It's not easy with kids but that's OK.
  • I grew up. Doesn't seem like an accomplish to you? Well, I have been through so much in life that just being here today is amazing.
  • Breastfeeding all of my children is an amazing accomplishment. Not many moms seem to understand the benefits of breastfeeding. I'm proud to say my children breastfed for at least a year each. (Besides baby girl, whom is still a booby baby)

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Describe when you knew your spouse was the one or how I fell in love

Post 15 in my 30 things series

Mike is the best man out there. No man can compare to him. He is compassionite and unerstanding. He believes in me and everything that I want. We are bestfriends and always have been.

We met when we were kids, I was about to turn 16. It was young love, puppy love some would say. For us this wasn't true. As you can see we have three amazing children and a home together years later. 

It was by chance that we met. Honestly, I have been known to call it fate. It  should not have happened but it did.

My friend and I were going to visit another friend who lived up the street. How I managed to not knock on the right door is beyond me. I knew where that friend lived, yet I knowck on the door beside it. There he was, 6 feet something with a goatee and just that italian look about him. That was the beginning of my fairy take. Should I have went back to knock again after? Probably not. But I did, accompanied by my best fried whom egged on the situation. Love that girl. 
He smiled at me and my heart sank. My mom met him that very day. At least I had her meet him. If anything else, she knew I just met a complete stranger. But that is how all friendships start.

We barely spent a day apart after that. Of course, there were plenty of bumps along the way. Young love isn't supposed to last after all. We are both strong and didn't want to give up. So here we are today. Some bruises but we made it. 

It's not your average story, but it is ours. As different as it may be, I love it. 
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5 and weaknesses and 5 strengths

Describe 5 and weaknesses strengths you have.

I've been participating in a series called 30 things my kids should know about me. I'm on post 14, Describe 5 and weaknesses strengths you have. If you want to read the rest of my journey I added a tab for it at the top of the page. 

This can be a difficult question to answer as I believe there are no weaknesses, just challenges we have to overcome. Everything we go through in life makes us who we are, and in turn, better people. With that said, here is a bit about my strengths.

  • I'm a fighter! Not much can break me.
  • I have a kind heart, and I try my best to make everybody happy.
  • I am a perfectionist and want everything to be done right the first time.
  • I'm too helpful. A good helper towards those who need it. Tend to go to any limits while helping someone in trouble.
  • I lose patience sometimes
  • I sometimes get nervous around people

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What is the hardest part of growing up?

My kids are growing up, lets face it, that's just how life goes. 

Watching baby girls' adorable toothless smile brings me so much joy. She is growing up and getting smarter everyday. Today, she found her feet! Well she has been eye balling them for some time but today she was really trying to play with them. The first of my kids to like their feet. It's OK, they get that from me.

It's really not just her though, my older too are also getting big. Well, obviously they are!

I swear it was just yesterday that I was holding my pumpkin in my arms nursing her! Now she is 4 and in pre-school. Acting like a mini teenager some days. Where did my cute little baby go? 

My son is all boy. This kid has bruises and I couldn't tell you where these thing pop up from. He has no fear, I swear. Then the nest moment he is giving me kisses asking for hugs. He is the most sweetest little boy in the world! He is still behind in speech, but I think it's just that he is intelligent. Even Einstein did not speak until he was 4. 

Honestly, I can't remember not being "grown" up. It must have been at some point that I was a kid. But when i was a teenager I loved being able to be free and do as I please. I went for long drives to Newport RI. ( not far from me) in the middle of the night. My best friend and I had so much fun just being together. I didn't go to party's they came to me. Somewhere between being bullied and becoming a mom I had a small window of popularity I guess. It took me until recently to notice that one. I was going through a lot during that time so I just didn't take much notice.

If I was to tell my kids one thing about growing up it's that they should not rush it. I remember wanting to be 21. It's nothing great. When you are 21 you want to be 16 again. Having that freedom is amazing. That life just wasn't for me. I want so much more for them. They need to find themselves in their own way. I just wish that they will always be able to ask me whatever they wish to. 

I met my now husband at 16 and here we are. I always wanted this life. It may not be perfect but it's mine.
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Describe a Typical day in Your Current Life

Describe a Typical day in Your Current Life

My days Are usually the same day to day, but for the purpose of this post I'll use a school day. Who doesn't love school days?

While dreaming peacefully under my nice warm blanket and baby girl by my side, I get woken up by my oldest daughter jumping on my head at six in the morning. As she wakes her baby sister by touching her nose and pushing it in saying "boop". Oh lovely! Now I have no choice but to get up out of bed.

My son is usually still asleep at 8:00 am these days. I love that little boy. He's just growing up so fast.

We come downstairs and I change baby girls diaper. Than I make the older kids their cup of milk. My son wakes up and comes downstairs. With his still glazed over puffy eyes. 

I breastfeed baby girl while the kids drink their milk and watch some T.V. Usually while I simultaneously tell them to stop standing on the couch.  

Baby girl goes down for a little snooze.

After I change my sons diaper and wash my hands I start breakfast. My kids love their sausage and eggs. The are truly their fathers children. Speaking of daddy, he comes home from the gym around now. As you may or may not know hes working on getting his back working right again after having back surgery. He's doing much better these days. Hopefully the doctor will allow him to look for a new job soon.

Any who, after the kids get dressed and I do my pumpkins hair in the cute little pig tails she loves they go off to school. Luckily daddy does this sometimes so I stay home with baby girl. By now it is 9 am.

While baby girl naps I try to get a bit to eat and do a bit of sewing.

Afterwards I nurse her.

The kids get home from school at noon. They tell me what they did in school and show me their cute little art projects. While sitting down for lunch.

It takes about 10 minutes for the mysterious mess to appear. Nobody knows who did it or how it happened.

After cleaning the mess and lunch the kids wind down while running around the house in circles. ha ha.

I nurse Baby girl.

All of the kids go down for a nap. ( yeah, right!)

At this rate it is going to take me forever to write everything that happens from nap time to when i go to bed.

When the kids wake up and baby girl nurses again they all play together. Baby girl has tummy time. They all really do love each other. It is just adorable. 

Somewhere in there supper is made and ready. 

At some point the house gets cleaned and messed again.

When the kids are finally wiped out we put them to bed.

I nurse baby girl.

Again, I try to get some sewing and cleaning done (maybe). Or I just sit down and watch some T.V.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Describe 10 Pet Peeves you have

Next on the to do list- list 10 pet peeves. Hmm, there may be a lot more then 10 but I will narrow it down.

1. People using silly words for a pregnant mother, e.i "preggo". Something about that irritates me.

2. Drivers who do not use their turn signal. 

3. Drivers who do not turn right on red, when it is permitted.

4. People looking over my shoulder when I am reading. 

5. When people do not have the common courtesy to call before stopping by.

6. People who use the word Irregardless in the wrong way. 

7.  People who consider their dog their child. Not even close. If that dog attacks your child I highly doubt it will get just a time out. 

8. The noise of something scratching metal, chalk boards and glass.

9. Empty boxes in the pantry.

10. The people who baby talk with the dog they consider their child.

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Describe your most embarrassing moment

I think that we have all had embarrassing moments. It is hard to come up with a good one. 

My first child was born October 2008 via emergency C-Section. It was an awful experience, my doctor still doesn't know what happened. Maybe I will tell you all about it one day, if anybody cares to read.

After the procedure I couldn't move very much and needed a lot of help. 

Being the time of person I am, I embarrass all to easy. Just the fact I couldn't clean myself made me go beat red in the face and gave me almost a panic attack. It was embarrassing. Those nurses are trained for that, I get it, I'm a CNA. Yet that feeling of not being able to help myself with a simple task was degrading. It was my fault, and I was embarrassed for that. 

Kind of a sad story, not as funny as it should be. 

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4 people who have influenced me

This is my ninth post of my 30 things series. Enjoy.

4 people who have influenced me 

1. My children are the biggest part of who I am. As silly as it sounds that created the woman I am. My life changed the month that first pregnancy test read positive. But in all honesty I just don't think I would be me without all three of them.

2. Even though my relationship with my mom in dad is not the typical family style, the way I have been brought up does make me who I am. As dysfunctional as it was, my experiences in life influenced the person I have become. Not saying it was dysfunctional per say, but my parents were not together. 

3. My middle school teacher, Ms. Campopiano was a tough cookie. She always had faith in me  and we still e-mail. 

4. My best friend Jessica and I have gone through a lot together. Life has thrown us many curve balls. We have gotten through amazing highs and sad lows. Our relationship is not what it used to be, but I know that with time it will be just as great. As we both have said, "it's fate".

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Monday, January 7, 2013

What Is Your Dream Job, and Why?

When I was in Junior High and High school I never gave much thought into what I wanted to be when i grew up. Honestly, I thought I would never know. Stressing about it was not something i wanted to do. Yet, I did.

Here we are so many years later. I'm a mother of three young children. Also, currently in my third painful year of college. Seriously, three years and I'm still considered a freshmen. I'm not completely sure which bothers me more. The fact it has been three years and I'm not a Nurse yet or the fact that I'm still a freshmen.

Nevertheless, I am in college and I am making it one step at a time towards my goals. I love being a stay at home mom. Also, I love working. 

When I was 16 years old I became a C.N.A. There have been times of unemployment, but that is what I consider being a stay at home mom. As of right now I am staying home so I can also go to school. It just was not practical to do both. The last semester was a failure. But honestly who can make it through dissecting a cat while being pregnant? Somehow I made it through almost half of that semester, and had to drop it. My morning sickness was unbearable. Yet I hid it very well. The first 19 weeks of the pregnancy with baby girl were horrible. I did not gain any weight really until the third trimester. Which was OK for me, so don't panic. She was healthy and 7.6 lbs. 

I love children, babies especially. I have even thought of being a surrogate. Not sure how my husband would take that one. 

After thinking long and hard about what I wanted, and going through the notions I decided I want to be a Midwife. With my obsession over pregnancy, breastfeeding and everything baby this career just fits me. 

It will take 7 years of Nursing, and a Masters degree to reach that goal. Did I mention that I'm still a freshmen? 

Thankfully, I am almost done the pre-reqs for it. After this semester I have Physiology, Micro-biology, and a humanities elective. That is 2 or 3 more semesters. Maybe by then I will be a sophomore. Luckily I'm currently in my 20's and there is hope to make my goal before 30. Hopefully I'm not setting the bar up too high. 

With that said, wish me luck at braving another semester and cat dissection. 

What is your dream job?

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

If You Could Have Three Wishes, What Would You Wish For?

If you have been following me you know that I have been working on a series called 30 things my kids should know about me. 

I have a page dedicated to it at the top of my blog.

Maybe I am odd, but I just never really wish for anything. That being said, here is my three wishes. 

1. There are far to many stories of children being harmed, and murdered and I just want this to end. How can a mother harm her own child? 

2. Same goes for anything that hurts children (like dressers or book cases falling). I recently read this horrible story at Love, Light, Laughter and Chocolate that made be cringe and weap. Please, If you are like me and sad stories traumatize you then do not read her story. 

3. I wish that my children will grow up to amazing individuals. My wish for them is to be unique and caring. 

So there you have it. My three wishes. 

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